Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thorak the Gouger

This is a character for a brief that involved a character taking off his or her clothes. 
We're in groups of 4. Everyone in our group designed their own Thorak from a description.
My design for Thorak didn't get chosen but I'm also quite glad, takes the pressure off me :D

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Self Portrait

I haven't submitted anything for a while

Been busy with animating classes, designing vikings and getting back into the swing of uni life with all its parties and sleep deprivation

About 10 hours work on photoshop
Done from a photograph of myself in dire need of a haircut
but oh well
I have a funny face


First successful digital portrait eva

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Inactivity- or is it?

Over the last few weeks I thought I was going to get a heap of stuff done- so much for that :P
I've been working at a real job for a bit and so on to earn some monies. I'm heading back to Dundee on Friday 14th- so that'll be fun. 

I haven't REALLY been inactive
I've started and stopped lots and lots of pictures. But nothing has really been working that well. No masterpieces from them. 

I do have news in that I have a project that me and my mother are working on :D
We're writing and illustrating a children's book together- as of 2 days ago- and have made a LOT of progress on it thus far. Who knows. Maybe it'll work, maybe it'll come to nothing

If and when we get it finished we'll send it off to a few publishers. Hopefully someone will take some interest. Royalties would be a nice earner through uni - haha
I wish

Anyway- I would show you images and tell you all about it, but we don't want anyone to pinch our characters and ideas so I'll not say anymore than its about a baby bird- and he's very very cute

Saturday, 8 January 2011

3 hour semi doodles

Cat outline traced from internet photo
Lineart, expression, background, details all mine