Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Inactivity- or is it?

Over the last few weeks I thought I was going to get a heap of stuff done- so much for that :P
I've been working at a real job for a bit and so on to earn some monies. I'm heading back to Dundee on Friday 14th- so that'll be fun. 

I haven't REALLY been inactive
I've started and stopped lots and lots of pictures. But nothing has really been working that well. No masterpieces from them. 

I do have news in that I have a project that me and my mother are working on :D
We're writing and illustrating a children's book together- as of 2 days ago- and have made a LOT of progress on it thus far. Who knows. Maybe it'll work, maybe it'll come to nothing

If and when we get it finished we'll send it off to a few publishers. Hopefully someone will take some interest. Royalties would be a nice earner through uni - haha
I wish

Anyway- I would show you images and tell you all about it, but we don't want anyone to pinch our characters and ideas so I'll not say anymore than its about a baby bird- and he's very very cute

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