Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Haven't posted anything in a while, so here I am.
Since I last blogged my camera SD card has corrupted, so I do have another piece of art to stick up on here, but I can't til my SD card gets fixed or I get another one (got no scanner).

So, on a whim I started painting this tonight. Found a new method of painting and it seemed to work quite well. Not sure if I'll ever finish it but it was good fun trying. About 3 hour's work. 


  1. Dir's a peerie meme goin roond da net eenoo fir drawin fat mermaids. Du should mak dat dy nixt photoshop doodle! Keep up da good wirk, an keep bloggin! Canna wait ta see mair o it! :D x

  2. Haha thanks Lynne! Fat mermaids!? I'll hae tae look dat wan up! XD