Sunday, 11 August 2013

Long time no blog & unexpected wins

Its been forever since I was on blogger.
The last few months have been a notible few. Not for art, art was non-existant. But in that time, I've been ill, graduated, been in hospital, started a new job, helped to completely reorganise and update the business I work for, started working with my brother, moved back home, gone through break-ups, drama and a lot of heartache. 'Rollercoaster' is putting it lightly. But I'm hoping things will finally settle down. I've had enough excitement to do me at least a few years. 

Earlier this summer, I attended a craft fayre, some of my photography on sale dotted with a few of my grandad's prints of his paintings.
Last weekend was the Voe Aggricultural Show, my local county fayre. I'd been planning to enter a few new traditional paintings but I didn't get any finished in time. The night before the show, my dad suggested I put in one of my old paintings, putting in something was better than nothing! So, I agreed.

This painting was a study of one of my friend's eyes, done in chalk pastel whilst I was in 6th year at school, aged 17 for my Advanced Higher Art portfolio. The next day I arrived back to find that I'd won more ribbons than I had ever had before on a single piece.
I was utterly shocked. I'd won, First, Trophie Winner and Most Outstanding Adult Exhibit in Arts and Crafts.

Later on I came back to the picture again to find that I'd also been awardest best in show for Non-Animal exhibit. I've never done so well before at the Voe Show.

I was then found by my high school teacher for photographs for the local paper.
In a month or two I'm going to be going to a winner's ceremony to accept the awards. I featured in this week's Shetland Times.

What a stupid expression, haha

Home is as beautiful as ever. Soon the art will start flowing again.

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