Thursday, 9 January 2014

Working lass's worky art

  Long time no blog... again!
I've been suffering a severe lack of art inspiration lately. I can honestly say I've not really drawn/painted anything properly for months. Which is really sad. I'm hoping with the better weather on the way, I'll be less lethargic and will get my arse in gear to make new stuff again. I still  have to start with my children's books and have commissions waiting for me- sigh.

  So here is a sneaky blog post of the sorts of things I make at work while waiting for replies from emails. 
A lot of my work consists of printing company logos onto boilersuits and embroidering simple names and badges onto polos. That is the bread and butter for the company. However, the more interesting work comes from designing logos and doing smaller items. 

  Right now its the calm before the storm. A huge amount of work around this time of year is created by Up Helly Aa- Shetland's viking fire festival. Squads of men get their shield designs created into logos to be put onto wearable mementos, jackets, jumpers, polo shirts and so on. I have recently just finished this year's Jarl Squad logo above.
 So here are some examples of what I've been doing lately:

Some local bands get their T-shirts printed with us.
Here is an adult T-shirt along side a baby grow
I have creative freedom to make my own designs in my spare time. For example, here is one of my tourist bags. 
A henny party t-shirt
A volleyball team's strip.

To make the embroideries,  they go through a program called Wilcom Embroidery Studio. As far as  I understand, this is the equivalent photoshop of the embroidery world. Despite having had very limited training in it, I've managed to make several designs in it. 

From looking like this on the embroidery software
To this in its final form. 
Getting your boat embroidered onto jumpers, jackets and hats seems to be popular among fishermen up in this 'ere parts. Here are a few of the boats I've made this year

Of course custom Christmas gifts are popular too. Christmas this year was absolutely manic. 

And some local businesses:

  So thats about it.
The days are finally getting longer. I've been out with my camera and capering about as per usual. Hopefully I'll get my drawing mojo back soon.

Even my embroidered business card! Har de har

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