Monday, 2 June 2014

Return to life drawing!

Mareel (a music and arts venue in Shetland) hosted a life drawing class last week. It was fantastic. I hadn't done any life drawing since March last year. It was SO good to do it again. I really hope the life drawing sessions become regular up here. Its something Shetland could really benefit from. I think they had to specially hire a model to come up here do the classes, which can't have been cheap. So if they continue, they'll have to find someone more local willing to bare all, haha. 

Despite it being more than a year, I surprised myself that I wasn't more rusty. I was quite pleased with what I ended up with. 

2 minute poses. Pretty rusty
2 minute poses, still feeling rusty
5 minute poses, warming up

5 minute poses
10 minute pose
After the break, two 2 minute poses to warm up again
20 minute pose. I struggled to get her position
20 minute pose 
Final 10 minute pose

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