Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Do I need a title?

Hmmm... still need to change this blog a bit. Various things are a bit iffy- like the slideshows are both of my drawings instead of one drawing, one photography. Strange. Also, I don't want this blog to look too pretentious. It still does at the moment, because I've basically reused my design for a slap-dash business card I made a while back for my header. It just so happened to fit dimensions of what I wanted. 

This is some sketch work, that I will possibly finish once I don't have so much other stuff to do.
I've got behind without me realising it. My mother was visiting from about 400 miles away last week. So I spent a chunk of time with her since I won't see her again til Christmas. Thus- I'm behind :(
I'm getting quite sick of After Effects. Its one of those programs that, once you know how to use it, you could do anything. But its just the learning of the program is the hard bit. Knowledge being key and everything- and I'm severely lacking on the knowledge department. Its not an intuitive program to pick up.

So far I've got my character to do a snooty jaunty walk. Then I have to have an emotional shift to something else contrasting. So I think I'm going to make her stomp along. Originally I was thinking to make her do a Jessica Rabbit style strut. But- because of my lack of knowledge, I don't know if its possible to go back and edit an after effects puppet once you start an animation- give it more joints.
At the moment I'd have to rebuild it from scratch and loose all my animation thus far. Its not worth that- so miss stompy heels will have to do

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