Tuesday, 12 October 2010

One small step for.. a new blogger.. a giant leap for not procrastinating

General Blabber

After a good few hours tweaking and uploading and changing and measuring and swapping about, I think I'm finally getting towards a blog I'd be happy presenting to people.

Before coming to www.blogger.com I tried wordpress. If only I knew how to write html I would have another bash at that. Overall the end product would end up more professional looking... but alas.. I'm only but a numptie in such matters.

My background was a rip from my poster I made to advertise my exhibition this year 'Serene Sunsets and Animal Magic'.
I'm all for glowy bubbles, macro-esk high contrast images, as you will probably come to notice.

Over on my profile at deviantart I did a meme a few weeks ago to help myself realise what it was that inspired me. My mother, whom also has a profile on deviantart, saw this and said she could see me in front of her when she looked over the things that I'd written on it. So I must have captured the essence of me quite well.

Animation Stuff

I haven't managed to get much animation finished today. After a family emergency that kept me up til 3am last night, I've been knackered all day. I've had a lazy day and have worked on this new blog instead. My brain has been too fuzzy for animation.
LOADS more work to do tomorrow though.

My current projects for college include: re-shooting a bouncing ball cycle, re-shooting and doing final edits on a profile stick skeleton before overlaying a tube man over the top of him. Then starting a forwards walk cycle with the stick skeleton and then overlaying mr tube man over the top of him again.

THEN I have to finish a character going through 2 emotional shifts during her walk.
This is her below, looking snooty 

I have  reading week next week, in which I can get more finished off, but still..

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