Monday, 22 November 2010

Doodles that keep me up til 4am

I started this last night at around 12 oclock. I'd had a drawing urge most of the night.
So I started it, and thought, if I can just sketch it out, I'll leave it after that.
So after I sketched it, I couldn't think to stop just there so I put it into the computer through 
photoshop. I started the base colours and whatnot (I still can't find my TABLET PEN! Arggh)
and when 2am came around I was still WIDE awake. But, I resisted and went back to bed like
a good art student with classes at half 9- up at half 8 the next day.

But I couldn't stop thinking. And I wanted to finish it so badly. But I resisted, I stayed in bed.
I finally got to sleep around 4am. Stupid or what.
Continued it in the morning. Finished it mostly around dinner time.
Added the last details just now. And tada. 
No whiskers, because I can't find my tablet pen.

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