Monday, 1 November 2010

Life Drawing Friday 29th October

These have all been recoloured in photoshop because my blue animator pencil that I drew and shaded them in didn't show up well by the photograph. 

This post is late because I was away in Glasgow over the weekend and I had a megabus to catch straight after life drawing.It was a scrape to get there on time. 

I was quite pleased with my drawings this time. What annoys me with life drawing is that we have to work as fast as possible all the time. We aren't given the time to sit and do detailed studies. I love getting the model's likeness into the drawing as much as possible through portraits.
Its hard to gauge if I have improved overall since last year's life drawing classes back in first year. I hope I have.
Below are detailed studies over a few hours each from first year.

I was especially proud of this one of Douggie

This man was a fireman who came in to pose for a self portrait, he was lit from below.

This model was placed in a corner with a projection over-laid onto his body.

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