Saturday, 5 November 2011

Ozzy the Otter, re-vamp

Ozzy and Tom the Tern

This morning I woke up incredibly inspired to work a bit more on Ozzy the Otter. 

Ozzy the Otter is a project I worked on at high school. As well as being used for my advanced higher art course submission, it was used to as our high school's Young Enterprise Competition product. We created a book based around the characters I developed along with Claire Laurenson and a group of around 6 in our sixth year. It was a huge group effort but within 3 months we had an idea turned into a printed children's colouring book + narrated CD in Shetland dialect and English. We sold a few hundred copies making a good profit. We ranked the no. 2 team in Scotland, beaten by a vote 4/3 against us. (The team that won were a poncy private school that built deck chairs based on a design that they pinched from the internet. Afterwards we had countless 10s of people come over to us and tell us we deserved to win... but it wasn't to be!) 

Since then,  I have always wanted to make a proper go at doing it again. The original was finished in such a rush and wasn't to the best standard. The characters have so much potential for more adventures.
Here are some rough sketches today of some of the gang.
Ozzy the Otter + Tom the Tern underwater taking a swim.

Tom the Tern flying

Tom the Tern

New character idea? He could be a fun grumpy character

Fish doodle

Fish + Octopus doodles or possible background characters

Paul The Puffin being condescending

Evil Kirsteen the Killer Whale

James the Jellyfish, expressions

James the Jellyfish, more expressions

Paul the Puffin, slipping on a banana peel, as you do...
Pose practice

Paul the Puffin doing a dance, pose practice


  1. I absolutely adore paul's little gay dance.
    So lifelike :P

  2. Haha, who are you, TheFlyingPengiun who knows the real Paul?