Saturday, 15 December 2012

Home for Christmas

This is only my third day back? Third? Not sure, must be, doesn't feel like I've been home for that length of time. I've spent most of my time asleep. Its been glorious. Despite sleeping like a log, I've already seen a meteor shower, seals, Shetland ponies, and ah I love home!

Observational drawing sketches of my cat Bailey, whilst on my lap. I never do enough obervational drawing, here is the small start of an attempt to keep it up over Christmas.

The first day back, it was a beautiful day. I'm so glad I came back on the boat when I did. The weather has been horrible since. I'm a poor sailor at best.
Here are some snapshots of the sunrise on that first day: I haven't bothered editing them at all, you're going to have to put up with squint horizions and all.

 And now for something really weird.
The loch at the Tingwall golf coure was frozen over. My mam spotted this rabbit out on the ice. It has to be one of the stranger things I've seen.The ice was more than thick enough to hold its weight thankfully.


Until the weather improves, I'm stuck inside, but I hope it does soon so I can go roam the hills with my camera 

Outside my window it looks more like this right now. Bummer. Classic Shetland winter weather right there. Gale force winds, 2 degrees outside, real feel -14. Lovely...  

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