Friday, 3 December 2010

Ozzy the Otter

I said this last year, but maybe if I post this online it'll give me more motivation and think about it more seriously. For a while now I've wanted to remake 'Ozzy the Otter'. 
The original book that was printed and produced in 2007 was so rushed (I think it was 2007/8?)
A lot of it was so unfinished. The drawings were terrible..
Its pretty embarrassing now to look at it.

Since my new colouring technique 'AHA' moment, I redo it.
I would be able to colour them myself with relative ease on photoshop. 

I did some redesigning of Ozzy the Otter himself a good few months ago.
I was pleased with his new look. But these sketches are also old so.. I could probably rework them again and it still wouldn't look finished to me.

I also did some redesigning of Kirsteen the Killer Whale- whose name I'd probably change.  
I can't find that sketch to show you. I'm sure it was on my computer at one point.
In the original book, everyone who worked on the book had their name incorporated into a character.
Ozzy was his own character. Tom the Tern, Claire the Cod, James the Jellyfish etc etc. 

Maybe I'll actually do it this winter. I doubt it, but I like to hope I would/can. 
Probably the reason I haven't done it before now is because it seems to be a bit of a lonely venture.

After having so much fun the last time with the young enterprise group (and incredible stress, but lets forget that for now) it would be sad to just do it on my own. I think I'll have to call a meeting with anyone from that group - and anyone else besides who might be interested, to help me get some ideas and inspiration for it again. Then I could possibly try and get it properly published by a real publishing company this time- instead of self publishing and earn some royalties. That would be the ideal.

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