Monday, 6 December 2010

Ozzy the Otter

After a very very long night finishing off my essay and not a lot of sleep- the understatement of the century- I've not done a lot today for feeling a bit, for the lack of a better word- crap.
So I rewatched one of Disney's new 'Tinker-Bell' films.So suddenly I was inspired to try again with Ozzy.

 I still don't have a character design of him that I'm 100% satisfied with.
He is an awkward sod. I want him to be cute, yet still look like an otter, a European otter.
European otters are the least cute ones- well asides giant south american ones... they're just weird. Where Ozzy lives in the story- he would have to be a European otter. Its difficult because in order for him to look right I have to make him look older- yet I want him to appeal to a very young audience.

I also desperately need some good otter anatomy photographs.
None of my own otter photographs are much good. Otters are so rubbery looking, its so difficult to imagine what the muscles are doing underneath their skin. The otters at camperdown had been moved the last time I went up there. Previous to that I only ever saw them when the keepers came around to feed them.

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