Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow days= Bunny rabbits

Hopefully it'll work this time... I tried uploading a full quality version and it just wouldn't work. So here it is- hopefully, a lower quality version
With the snow day, the uni and the art college were closed. I didn't have any paper or a lightbox or a line tester to do what I was supposed to be doing... so I produced this:

There was a rabbit that had lost its normal fear because it was so hungry and was eating the leaves on the bushes outside my window 9 meters or so away. My flat is on the 3rd floor so I get a perfect view of the cutie

I started filming and just as I thought, meh- I might just be able to put this up on facebook- ANOTHER rabbit appeared. And then a third!
I was like 'wowwww' and got all my flatmates to come see :D
And at one point there were 4 of them all nibbling and hopping around.
So... I filmed them til the light got bad (well... until it got dark- none of the light quality was good...) and then compiled it all with some music that I thought was suitable :D
The music is from the Fable 2 soundtrack. The track is called 'Bowerstone Market'

I'm in the middle of Dundee- so its pretty rare to see stuff like this in a city- very common back home- there are literally hundreds of thousands of rabbits.